Application Software

Masstech software leverages the best-of-technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and effective Desktop Applications that work offline and run off the web browser. We help you spruce-up your business environment through rich, easy-to-use, easy-to-access, new-generation Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDAs) using the latest Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms, and Silverlight technologies.

Making a desktop application is just a beginning of software development. At first they only work on single systems, after installation. As we see in most cases these application could be used by only one person. By the time intranet applications replace this picture, now multiple users could work in single network environment. This revolution mage desktop applications more popular. Here at Masstech, we nurture the best available practices to build your desktop application, so that you always received a polished product which put you one step ahead of your competitors in the market.

We also provide desktop application development services, custom application development services, products development or ERP application development using Microsoft or Open Source technologies. In our desktop application development services, we give data sync facility to synchronize database between different locations or give option to centralize database for different locations. We also provide solutions for the different mixed kind of requirements, homogeneous networks, web services, Custom Application Development on any domain and platform.

Desktop Application Development Services we offer

Masstech Software strive to design and develop desktop applications which are elegant and unique among its competitors. Our large clientele from all across the world shows our wide exposure and experience in developing desktop applications. We offer a complete range of desktop application development services which include:

  • Visual basic development
  • Custom Desktop software management Service
  • Custom Desktop  application design service
  • Java-based desktop application development service
  • NET based desktop application development service
  • Integration service for Desktop and web applications
  • Migration from desktop to web application service
  • Desktop application maintenance and support service